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黄飞红麻辣花生 Huang Feihong Spicy Peanut (110G | 210G)
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产品介绍:山东落花生,又称长生果,享誉中外;配上天府之国的上等麻椒和火红小辣椒,经过十几道工艺精心研制,结合传统工艺和现代配方,生产出了香辣美味的麻辣花生,尝一口,麻麻的、辣辣的,就像风靡大江南北的水煮鱼一样,让你欲罢不能。果然是“三份麻辣,十分香脆!” 配料:花生、花椒、辣椒、一级豆油、食用盐、香辛料、食品添加剂(谷氨酸钠、维生素E)

保质期:10个月 避光、密封储存 配料:花生、花椒、辣椒、一级豆油、食用盐、香辛料、食品添加剂(谷氨酸钠、维生素E)


Szechuan Spicy Peanuts (黄飞鸿花生, Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts) Szechuan spicy peanuts are an addictive beer accompaniment. Crunchy, salty, slightly sweet, and fiercely hot, with the citrusy tingle of numbingness. You won’t able to stop once you pop the first peanut into your mouth. The real name of this spicy peanut dish is Huang Fei Hong spicy peanuts (黄飞鸿花生), a famous Chinese snack that combines the numbing spicy Szechuan seasoning with fried peanuts.

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Chien Yee Kong
8 January 2021
Sia Sin Yiang
received the good with cheaper price and good in condition. and i unexpectedly get a free drink, it was so surprise me.thanks anyway
4 January 2021
Lee Kok Shen
Good Service
24 December 2020
Winson Oon
Game received in excellent condition & fast delivery. Also got free snack inside parcel so 5 star!!!!
12 December 2020